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Xantrex Charge Controllers

Xantrex has added two new lithium-ion compatible solar charge controllers to its energy-management solutions. The new 30A MPPT charge controller ($299) features dual bank output and advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to maximize energy collection. The dual-bank output feature allows for solar to charge and maintain both the house and starter batteries. The batteries may be of different chemistries as long as they have the same nominal voltage, either 12- or 24 volts. The MPPT charge controller offers an industry-leading 98% energy conversion efficiency, according to the company. The built-in LCD display is easy to program and provides real-time data about the motorhome’s solar system. The other new charge controller is the entry-level 30A PWM charge controller ($159), featuring a flush-mount industrial design that also includes a built-in LCD display for easy programming and real-time data about the solar system.
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