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Woman walking past Coway Air Purifier in apartment home with Amazon Alexa behind her.

Indescribably Cleaner Air and Smell for Your RV

We all know that our RVs can become, how shall we say, funky smelling from time to time.  Whether it be the atmosphere of where you are traveling, trash or toilet issues, bad water, dirty clothes, dirt, smoke, or any of the many other things that can change the quality of the air inside of your motorhome, it can create a rather foul traveling scenario.

Air Purifiers can be an expensive investment, but the outcome cannot be overstated.  The unit we selected was intentional so that we may test it in a home-based environment and in a traveling RV environment, but many of you will find that one of Coway’s smaller models will be a better solution for the RV.  Or, you may want something to take care of both needs as we did. It is worth mentioning though that the smaller units are just as unique, effective, and sleek as the largest.  Here is a quick photo of the more RV only units:

Promotional photo of Coway Might Air Purifier Unit Promotional photo of black Coway Airmega 200 Air Purifier

With this in mind, I set out to find a way to purify the air in my RV and my home, and help with the allergens, smell, and particles in the air and found the Coway Air Mega Air Purifier and never looked back.  The Air Mega unit comes in several different models that cater to different square footage needs and some of the higher-end have integrated smart features.  We conducted our reviews using their largest model, the 400S with WiFi and It changed our rig and our home.

The Airmega 400s was designed to ensure that your indoor air is cleaner, with fewer harmful particulates and unpleasant odors.  In addition to the many features we will cover below, I’d like to start by saying that for the price, there simply is not a better Air Purifier that we have ever tested.  In fact, the Air Mega performs better than many of the higher priced Air Purifiers we have tested and used in the past.  For an MSRP of only $749 for their largest model, you get the picture very quickly just how affordable these little powerhouses can be.  Especially when you consider that the 400s model is WiFi connected, works with Alexa, is entirely automatic, has four different filters and purifies up to 1500+ square feet.  Now, granted, this is a bit overkill for an RV, but we wanted to test the best they had.  After using the unit for over two months in both our RV and in our home setting, I can confidently say we would be hard-pressed to consider any other purifier now.  For your RV needs, we would recommend the 200 (which has VERY different features) or 300s.

Automatic Purification At Its Best

Father and Daughter using Coway app on phone to operate their AirMega Air Purifier As soon as you take the Air Mega out of the box you can’t help but be truly impressed, and almost overwhelmed, by its beautiful design.  It has clean lines, easy access to the filters, “no press” buttons on the top, and it looks sleek and modern.  It really is a nice piece in the house.  It comes in graphite, and a white model and each looks simply stunning.  It’s strange to say that an air purifier can look “sexy” per se, but it really does look great.

While it’s a stylish piece, it’s even more impressive in functionality.  The 300 and 400 models connect to the Coway mobile app for iOS or Android that allows you real-time air quality monitoring, alerts, and the ability to control your purifier from anywhere.  The 300 model will cover 1200+ sq ft, and each of them can connect to WiFi to implement control with Amazon Alexa and offer you “smart” cleaning mode.  In “smart” mode, the Air Mega will automatically adjust itself to handle the current air condition.  For example, when we had the demo unit set up in our home and my wife would begin cooking, the unit would automatically turn itself to a higher strength to combat the new contaminants in the air.  It has a colored ring in the front of the unit that will also display real-world monitoring (See Below)

Color ring to identify mode on the Coway Air MEga


Be advised heading into this purchase that the filters are …expensive.  There is just no other way to put it.  The filters last anywhere from 3-6 months and cost $130 to replace.  So even at only twice a year, this costs you a bare minimum of $260 a year to own.  There are in fact four filters on these.  Two HEPA filters which can be rinsed with sink water very easily, and then very large heavy-duty filters behind that.  (Those are the pricey ones mentioned above.). If you are wanting a purifier that will honestly and truly change your allergy severities in and make indoor allergy battles almost non-existent, then that is, of course, worth $260 a year to you.  If you are a smoker, have pets in the house, cook international foods frequently, camp near beaches or deserts then this thing is absolutely perfect for you.  You can purchase one unit and use it at home when you are not out adventuring, and then throw it into the RV when you hit the road.


All-in-all, there is nothing but positive to say about this.  Visually stunning. Functionally incredible. Very reasonable prices.  Expensive filters but worth every penny. We have slept better, our colds have lasted significantly shorter, our home smells better and our dog never bothers my friends’ kids who had to take a Benadryl every time they came to my home before we powered Air Mega up.  We even tested this for a week in an older RV from the mid-’90s that had what was perceived to be a permanent stench to it.  The Air Mega had that unit cleared out and fresh as new in a weekend!

Photos Courtesy: Coway, Digital Trends

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