Like other owners who have a motorhome on a Ford F-53 chassis, I found it difficult to read the instrument cluster on our 2014 Winnebago Vista 30T during daylight hours. We found a string of side-emitting LED lights from Superbright LEDs (part No. WFLB-WW96; MSRP $20.95). This product has the flexibility needed to accommodate the geometry of the finished dashboard trim and the instrument cluster. I wrapped the LED string around the dashboard trim, next to the instrument cluster, which provides perimeter lighting all the way around. I supported the bottom portion of the LED string with a bit of foam artboard strategically cut to follow the profile of the dashboard cover. Everything is held in place with a few dabs of clear silicone. Power was obtained from a conveniently located 12-volt DC power tap. It was fused and switched in accordance with the instructions from Superbright LEDs. The finished installation illuminates the instrument cluster, overcoming the limitations of the factory design, and allows the instrument panel to be read at a glance.

John Hernikl | Walnut Creek, California


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