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RV 30-amp shorepower cord from SmartPlug


I own a 2009 Roadtrek Class B motorhome. The power cord gets stiff below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Are there any companies that make a 30-amp cord that stays flexible in the cold?

Mel Eberly | via emai


This is a widely overlooked problem. I checked around and found the Mighty Cord Replacement Hardwire RV Power Cord No. A10-3025END. This cord is 25 feet long and is rated for minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s available from Etrailer.com (800-298-8924, www.etrailer.com). SmartPlug (206-285-2990, www.smartplug.com) also offers solutions in 30- and 50-amp configurations. 

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